seQR Capture

seQR Capture

Create 3D AR experiences from photos, images, paintings, menus, and documents.

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The seQR Capture app is a cool tool that lets you make fancy Augmented Reality stuff out of all kinds of pictures - like photos, menus, or even documents! Plus, you can check out a 3D preview of what you've made before you start playing with it for real.

With seQR Capture, you can customize your AR creations with all sorts of colors, and keep them saved in the app for future reference or editing. And when you're ready to share your awesome creation with the world, the app generates a special code that you can use to show off your AR skills.

The seQR Capture app is super handy for restaurant owners, museum managers, and marketers, since you can use it to create cool AR versions of menus, paintings, or documents. And once you've made something cool, you can easily anchor it in a physical space using your AR code!

So why not start showing off your creativity by sending your friends some awesome AR pictures? And if you really love making cool stuff, you can subscribe to the seQR Capture Plans offer for unlimited AR modeling.

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