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3D AR experience provides interaction with products which yields 95% higher conversion.

Customers are 20x more likely to buy products after experiencing AR and brands are getting 5x more product engagement.

Use Cases: "Try Before You Buy" Virtual Try-ons, Product Demonstrations, Product Customization, 3D Product Visualization


3D AR enhances learning by creating interactive and immersive experiences that engage students.

Educators are able to explain the concepts visually with animations which easily helps students and increases their understanding by 60%

Use Cases: Interactive Learning Experiences, Visualizing Abstract Concepts, Virtual Field Trips

Real Estate

Visualizing 3D infrastructure and interior leads to an increase in conversion of 38%

People are more likely to feel positive when they get a virtual tour of buildings and properties which helps businesses to push revenue by 54%.

Use Cases: Virtual Property Tours, Property Staging, Design Visualization, Neighborhood Exploration

Hotel & Restaurants

Elaborative virtual room tours and well-garnished dishes help to increase sales by 2x and customer satisfaction by 10x

Elaborative virtual room tours and well-garnished menu dishes help to increase sales by 2x and customer satisfaction by 10x

Use Cases: Virtual Tours and 360-degree Views, Interactive Menus, AR-powered Maps, AR-guided Walking Tours

Brand Advertisements

Interactions with Products that Feature 3D AR Models Achieve 94% Higher Conversions

Businesses can do product marketing and brand promotions which boost sales by 3x and increase their market awareness by 5x easily

Use Cases: Brand Story Promotion, AR-Enabled Infographics, Event Promotions, AR Print AD Campaigns

Experience the Power of Augmented Reality

How AR Making Impact on Every Business?
Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to revolutionize nearly every business in a number of ways. Some of the ways that AR could impact different industries include:
  1. Retail: AR can be used in retail to provide customers with a more interactive shopping experience. For example, customers could use their smartphones to see how a piece of furniture would look in their home before making a purchase.

  2. Healthcare: AR can be used in healthcare to assist in medical procedures, to provide patients with visual aids for better understanding their conditions, or to assist in telemedicine consultations.

  3. Education: AR can be used to create interactive educational experiences, allowing students to visualize and interact with complex concepts in new and exciting ways.

  4. Manufacturing: AR can be used in manufacturing to provide workers with real-time information and guidance during assembly and maintenance tasks, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

  5. Real Estate: AR can be used in real estate to provide virtual tours of properties, allowing prospective buyers to see what a property would look like without having to physically visit the location.

  6. Advertising: AR can be used in advertising to create immersive brand experiences and to bring digital advertisements to life.

  7. Gaming: AR gaming is already a growing industry, and its potential for growth is huge. AR games allow players to experience gameplay in the real world, creating new and unique gaming experiences.

  8. Tourism: AR can be used in tourism to provide travelers with interactive experiences and information about the places they are visiting.

  9. Automotive: AR can be used in the automotive industry to assist in the design and engineering of vehicles, as well as in the maintenance and repair of vehicles.

  10. Construction: AR can be used in construction to assist in the planning and execution of projects, providing workers with real-time information and guidance.

In conclusion, AR has the potential to revolutionize almost every business by creating new and innovative ways of interacting with customers, improving processes, and enhancing overall experiences.

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